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Bug detected in PO_Items SQL

Pak Ricard
Hi all:

After we rolled up to 4.13 we discovered a bug in PO_Items.php

Because on the new version SupplierItemsOnly is set to on as default, when user selects an item with more than 1 row at purchdata table for that specific supplier, it is shown N times to the user.

If the flag SupplierItemsOnly is unchecked, SQL returns the correct rows as it does not need to do the INNER JOIN purchdata

Even if SupplierItemsOnly is set to "on" it should only show 1 row for each supplier

I just fixed it in commit 7583 adding some "GROUP BY stockmaster.stockid" but I would like a senior revision of my commit as it's a critic script and I'm not so used to it to be 100% confident


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