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Experience using the installer

Pak Ricard
Hi all:

I had to intall and set up a new instance of webERP and I decided to use the installer. It was a much nicer experience than the time we had no installer. 

But, I found the following issues:

1) I made a mistake while creating the DB user, but the installer ended with some error messages (I could not read,as it refreshed inmediately). Then I had to manually delete the config.sys file to start again. Probably a new user will not think about deleting the config.sys to restart the installer. A kind of "back" button would be nice

2) The second time I run the installer, it did not ask me about the time zone, etc, so jumped from the database parameters to the success page.

3) I deleted some currencies, but webERP did not check if there was any bank accounts defined against those currencies, so ended up with bank accounts with orphaned currencies.

4) Even if I chosed no demo data, the GL accounts had an account 2470 about Canada Pension Funds, which I guess it should not be in the default country installer.

Hope it's helpful to teh developer of the installer, so the final user experience gets even better.


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Re: Experience using the installer

Hi, Richard

           Thank you for your feedback.

          I'll fix it as I have time.

          Best regards!