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Re: [webERP-users] Freight Cost Entry & GST Report & Payment in Foreign Currency & Company Logo in PDF

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:28, Hindra Joshua wrote:
> Hi All,
> 1. Why is the freight cost entered manually in the Order Delivery Detail
> screen (while creating a Sales Order)  is lost in the Order Invoice
> screen, and must be entered once again?
> This is not happened v 3.01.


> 2. The GST Report in GL menu gives the following error:
> "Database Error : Could not retrieve the line item tax amounts for Sales
> Invoice #
> Unknown column 'taxrate' in 'field list'

Re-written this report to be a little more generic for other authorities too.

> 3. When I enter a receipt for payment in a foreign currency, the 'rate'
> is displayed as '1'. If for any reason I forgot to change it to a
> correct rate, then it will cause a big problem, because the debtor
> balance will be zeroed, as if it's already paid - it won't showed up in
> the 'Aged Customer Balance', but in the Trial Balance, the Customer
> Balance still showed (as it should). When this is happened, it would be
> very difficult to correct it without manual editing of the database.
> (There may be a 'secret' scripts to fix it, but I think it's not the way
> it should be done).

I put in a trap to ensure that the rate is not == 1 where a currency other
than the functional currency is used.

> 4. In some PDF output, the custom company logo is displayed stretched,
> which will makes it ugly.

Followed your instructions and changed all occurrences of AddJpegImage as

Many thanks for these bug reports


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