Shipments costing issues

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Shipments costing issues


I have the following accounts set up in my chart of accounts to use in booking the costs
associated with a shipment for an order from a supplier

5300        SGS Inspection Fees        Cost of Goods Sold
5310        Freight               Shipping Costs
5320        Insurance               Shipping Costs
5330        Handling Fees       Shipping Costs
5410        Customs Duty       Duties and Taxes
5420        VAT                       Duties and Taxes

Normally, without using WebERP shipments functionality, if I have a order coming in from a supplier
and shipments costs are incurred to get the goods to my warehouse e.g freight, loading/offloading etc.

The transaction is

CREDIT bank A/c       DEBIT  shipment cost A/c

This way the shipment costs are not added to the cost of items in that order.

Now in order to have the shipment costs added to the cost of items in the order,
I use the shipments functionality. When I enter a shipment cost supplier invoice
using the shipment functionality

The transaction is

CREDIT Accounts Payable A/c       DEBIT  GRN suspense  A/c

The shipment cost GL accounts in my chart are never used and after shipment close
I have no proper record of all the shipment costs entered for that supplier orders.

Is there a way to use the shipments functionality and have the various shipment costs
entered for the supplier orders recorded in the accounts I have set up for the same ?

e.g if I have a supplier order that attracts 5000/= SGS Inspection Fees (A/c No 5300 above)
then the account 5300 should reflect a debit of 5000 after shipment close.

Any assistance appriciated

Thanks in advance