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Hi All,

I've added a simple but useful confirmation box for those 'dangerous'
delete buttons, like this...
on every 'input' tag for buttons, add 'onclick' attribute, e.g.:
from this...
    echo '<P><input type="Submit" name="delete" value="' . _('Delete
This Item') . '">';

to this...
    echo '<P><input type="Submit" name="delete" value="' . _('Delete
This Item') . '" onclick="return confirm(\'Are You Sure?\');">';

It will show you the message 'Are You Sure?' with the 'Yes' or 'No'
buttons. If you you click 'Yes', it will proceed to the action (ie:
Delete!). If you click 'No', nothing's happens.

Still figuring out how to add this confirmation box to the delete 'link'
(using 'a' tag) usually used on tables data...


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